6 Writing Tools to Optimize your Copy

Rush PaperWriting content for your website or an article to boost up your audience, is totally different from writing an essay or a research paper. Writing content requires a lot of tools to prepare, test and launch your content in World Wide Web. In order to land on 1st page of Google, you need a quality content that has an ability to go viral with little effort. So how do you do it? Well, it is no rocket science. In this article I am going to discuss about some tools that will help you prepare and rank your content better than others.

Content writing that may cover essay writing, research paper writing or any type of content for your assignment can be a tedious task if you do not know how to get it done within time. Although you may have a good command over English, writing content requires specialized tools to analyze, prepare, test and submit your work. The content does not necessarily mean submitting in your college, but in your blog or a website you are managing. Below are few of the best tools available online, that can be accessed anywhere and help bring out magic in your writing.

Boost CTR

Most of the students today are internet frenzy that means they spend much of their time either on Facebook, twitter or any of their favorite blogging platform, writing their hearts out. However, if you are a blogger this particular tool can help you out. The platform contains more than 500 writers who compete each other to offer you their service. Anyone can sign up and use their platform to get their content written.


They say “Content is King”. A quality article or paper is admired by almost all of us. That is why we call it a good read. Google loves to promote content that attracts readers who can share the content over social media. Scripted allows you to hire freelancers that can write almost any type of content. The platform has more than 80,000 writers to choose from. As compared to other freelance platforms, Scripted is expensive but worth trying if they fit your specific requirements.

Rush Paper

One of the favorite platform to get any sort of paper, blog or content written within no time. The reason to like Rush Paper is that you do not need to select or choose any freelancer to do your job as it can turn out both ways. Rush Paper has more than 100 PhD professional writers, tried and tested, ready to write, edit or proofread your paper.

Depending on the deadline and research papers for sale requirements you can get a content writing service that starts from $6 per page. They offer revisions and LSI optimization for those who are looking to create an SEO friendly blog or website.

Word counter & Live Keyword Analysis

If you plan to write your content by yourself, you will definitely need this tool. Word counter allows you to check the quality of your writing based on different variables that include any text redundancy, repetitiveness or keyword stuffing.

If you are new to blogging or creating content you must understand that most search engines like Google, Yahoo or Bing consider keyword stuffing as spamming and may ban or de-index your page from their searches. Use this tool to avoid any kind of Penalty from search engines that can harm your blog’s reputation.

Emotional Marketing Value Headline Analyzer

Headline is something that triggers a person to read your article or paper. A good headline can market your article and encourage visitors to read throughout the article that can decrease the bounce rate on a particular website or blog. is a free online tool to analyze your headlines based on three elements that include emphatic, intellectual and spiritual. Depending on the target audience, you can change your headline to entice and target readers.


A content that does not turn a visitor in to a potential lead is a waste. A call to action button provided by allows you to create a free call to action button that can stimulate a reader to click it. You can create button depending on the size, font, color and language codes.