benefits of renting a car in usa

Benefits of renting a car in 21st century

benefits of rent a carIt has now been more than 100 years since the first automobile was invented. Since than car rental has been in business. Even before automobiles were introduced, renting out transportation was in practice which makes it a century’s old and thriving business. The question is why the business continues to thrive even if there are so many competitors in the market? The benefits of renting transportation for an individual are endless and that is why most people living in busy cities continue to avail this facility that brings out a win-win situation for both parties.

With competition comes better pricing and options for the end users. You can choose a rental from a variety of options including renting a brand new car which was not possible before.

Renting a car in New York, Fort Lauderdale and other busy areas is not only a good choice but a must choice if you want to keep balance. Although there are many benefits of renting a car, below are few of the most appreciated benefits one can have while renting:

Avail Pay as you go:

You may wish to own a car, but you should ask yourself one question before purchasing a car. Do you really need one? Even if you are leasing a car you will not only have to pay a hefty down payment, but also an elevated cost and depreciated value of the car. If you choose to buy it with your own savings, think about how much money you will lose in terms of cash in hand that can be used as an investment.

Renting a car allows you to pay as you go meaning that you can keep the cash in hand and use it somewhere where you may get a return rather than incur a cost. Pay as you go allows you to pay for the car only when you use it, thus no down payment or depreciation cost to be considered.

No maintenance or daily costs:

According to sources, maintenance of a car for 5 years combined is more than the cost of the car itself. So in the long run you are not only paying for the car but its expenses as well. Not to mention any accident your car may go through, the car is then sold for its scrap value. These expenses may include taxes, insurance, tire replacement, monthly service, mot and several other expenses that come frequently. According to RAC an average cost for a car to be on road excluding fuel expenses is more than £4330.

With rent a car, all expenses are headache of the rent a car company. The fee charged includes all the expenses giving you an ease and a peace of mind.

Chance to drive new available Models:

We all want to own a new car, but only few have the financial sources to do so. Not everyone can change their car early, as changing a car is a big decision and buying a brand new car on a yearly basis can put a big dent in your wallet.

Rent a car businesses have changed this. Now you can drive a brand new Ford Mustang while paying the same amount. Think of the smell and feel of new car you can get without emptying your pockets to purchase one.


One is better than two:

We know that this might not make any sense but ask yourself, can you afford 2 cars? If your family is big, you might need two cars to go shopping or vacation, but why keep one car as a backup when you can rent a big car that can accommodate all of your family?

This benefit goes for people who have big families living together. Not everyone can afford 2 cars and mostly 2 cars are not necessary even if you have a big family. Some people opt to purchase 2 cars, so that they can travel together when going out for a vacation. But think once again. Are 2 cars really worth one family vacation that only comes few time per year? What about all the yearly insurance and maintenance cost?

A simple solution would be to rent a big car on these occasions that will not only save you on buying a maintaining a 2nd car but save on fuel plus a benefit to travel in a single car rather than 2.

A less carbon footprint:

In automobile term, you are what you drive. In short if you are driving an inefficient car, you may be someone who is harming not only yourself, but the people surrounding you.

If you are someone who wants to contribute to global environment you may be used to travelling by public transport or walking if the distance is short. For any other reasons, renting a car for some occasions is an ideal way to lower your carbon footprint and eliminating daily congestions that many busy cities face on a daily basis.


Most rent a car business work like calling a cab. They give you a convenience of booking your car online or over the phone and getting the car at your desired location. Rent a car nowadays are cheaper than hiring a cab. So why not rent a car for a day or two rather than paying someone more than double?

Why rent a car is the best way to travel and explore?

Traveling to unknown places through hiring a cab can be nauseous if you do not know where you are and where you plan to go. Hiring a cab a roaming here and there can be quite expensive as well.

On the other hand renting a car allows you to roam freely without worrying about the cab meter that can empty your pockets. Having your own car means that you can explore the area and go to places where a cab would not take you.